Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds have been the most affordable and common window covering for homes over the past 20 years. Wood blinds offer long term protection, affordable pricing and a wide range of colors. Wood blinds are lighter than the synthetic version and thus, easier to lift and lower on a regular basis. Offering the best of both worlds, wood blinds can rotate open and closed as well as lift and lower…how could you ask for more.

Wood Blinds offer a wide range in color options in both “whites” and “stains”, they are also available in 2” and 2.5” slats. The 2.5” slats will add a little to the cost but if you have the room in your budget, they look much less busy and eliminate about 15% of the boards used to fill the opening.

Wood Blinds are not good to use in humid/wet environments as the water can slowly pop the paint off of the wood.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds have quickly become the most popular window covering that we offer, making up about 80% of our “blind” sales. Faux Wood blinds are the most affordable product that we can put in your windows, and they look just like Wood blinds. Any time we come to a house and the owners want something that is durable and affordable, the Faux Wood comes flying out. If we hear dogs or see kids toys scattered around the living room, the Faux Wood is quickly in conversation. If someone wants a blind that will take a soccer ball at 40mph as well as look nice for 15 years, its Faux Wood we begin to talk about.

Faux Wood come in 3 different colors in the “whites” and 8 colors in a “stain”. Honestly, the stain is printed on. It looks nice but it can’t compete with a real wood stain. “White” Faux Wood comes in 2” and 2.5” slats. We definitely prefer the 2.5” and recently we have negotiated equal pricing with the 2” slat. Now you can get the 2” or the 2.5” at the same price (go with the 2.5”, its awesome!).

Faux Wood blinds are easy to care for, you can wash them on the driveway or throw them in the pool (for real). Lifetime warranty protecting against warping, discoloration, manufacturer material defects, and installation issues…this is a great way to cover your windows and save a ton of money.

Faux Wood blinds are great in most environments, only really large windows may give us a challenge.


  • Blinds are less expensive than most window coverings
  • Durable, lasting decades
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Easy to decorate around
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  • Can get a little heavy if the blind is big
  • Not decorative or “pretty”
  • Strings…nobody likes strings
  • Common…everyone has them
To clean a Wood blind

Note: Never hose it off or submerge it in water.
Tilt the slats down and use a feather duster to knock off the top layer of dust. Raise the slats up and dust from the back of the blind. If the blind has a layer that will not come off with a duster, its time to clean board by board. Using a micro-fiber towel and some diluted Simple Green cleaner, gently rub each slat to remove the “old dirt”. Going board by board will take a long time, but once you have done it, you will be able to simply dust from here on out.

To clean a Faux Wood blind

Throw it in the pool. Seriously, that is a great way to clean a Faux Wood blind if you have a pool. If you do not have a pool, they can be rinsed off on the patio or driveway. Faux Wood tends to hold on to dirt a little more than Wood blinds (no idea why) so a little water and degreaser can go a long way. If you do not want to go the water route, follow steps for wood blinds.

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